Advice to the Graduate

As you move on to bigger and better things, don't forget the ones who guided you along the way. Your loved ones have watched you grow from a cute little Pre-K kid to bright young person. You had a few turbulent years, but you matured and learned from your mistakes. I would like to take … Continue reading Advice to the Graduate



Yesterday was my first day of retirement. All day I kept thinking it was Saturday, so I guess it hadn't quite sunk in yet. I did however, find myself wanting to text my replacement and get a play-by-play of what she was doing. So I'm declaring this as my first official day of retirement. I¬†know … Continue reading Retirement

Do Your Homework Before You Open Your Mouth

I'm sure everyone is guilty of making negative comments based on a persons actions or looks. I recently got hooked on Duck Dynasty. At the end of each episode the entire family sits down to eat dinner together, They pray over their meal and every episode is filled with crazy clean fun and Christian values. … Continue reading Do Your Homework Before You Open Your Mouth