Spring is on the Way

Living in Oklahoma, the weather is rather unpredictable. Here it February 21st and it is sunny and 72 degrees outside. Just a few years ago we had blizzard conditions during this same time. So how do we know for sure when Spring has arrived? I’ve lived here all my whole life, and there is no official “sign”. There are a few slight patterns. You can expect a severe cold spell the 1st or 2nd week of December. This can be anything from temps in the 20’s or the single digits, snow, or an ice storm that shuts down the entire state for days or even weeks. Temperatures can range between 50 to 70 all winter and you still might get a blizzard in March. Which brings me to our second pattern. In March and as late as mid April, winter rears it’s ugly head one more time.

Oklahoma has it’s heat waves as well. I remember having basketball duty the first weekend in December and it was like 80 degrees. We had all the gym doors open and we were all sweating. It was crazy. Spring break (usually the third week in March) Is always windy and cold, no matter what the weather has been like in previous weeks. May and June are usually warm but are know for it’s 90 degree days. If June is hot, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. We’ve had June’s where temps were in the 90’s and triple digits, and July was rainy with temps in the 70’s. August however, is always a swelter. We count ourselves lucky if we have less than 10 days of triple digit temperatures.

So, I do not go by the calendar nor the weather to determine when Spring has finally arrived, I go by nature. I am happy to say Spring is coming very soon. I am more than half way through the calving season, which means green grass, and baby calves running across the pasture tails in the air and kicking up their heels. Here are a few pictures:


Until Another Day,



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