I am about to explode.
I feel like a volcano trying to supress the hot molten lava of rage rumbling inside me.
What has this world come to?
A raging river disrespect eroding our values carving out a massive canyon creating enormous gaps between the generations.
Lack of self control annihilating our morals like a category five hurricane leaving tiny remnants of integrity in it’s wake.
A simple request turns it World War III
The phrase “do what’s right” should be abolished from all books and documents, for it is a myth.
Society is no longer a pleasant thought.
The world breeds nothing but hate, deception, lies, violence, destruction, disarray, and chaos.
What is the point of getting up in the morning, if all you do is face adversity day in and day out?
Why even try to teach those who refuse to learn?
Why be patient and kind, only to have it spewed back in your face as an acid eating away your insides until you become numb, hard, and uncaring.
Society today is filled with a poisonous gas slowly suffocating all decency.
I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly or purposely bring a child into this rotting, decaying world.
But then it is those children who are causing havoc and murdering the values that were set before them.
Perhaps those from yesterday should move to the safety of a deserted island to live out their last days and let the next generation self destruct into extinction.


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