Okay, I am not old by any means, but the last few weeks I certainly have felt that way. Why are kids so disrespectful nowadays? When I was a kid if there was a job to be done, you did it the right way the first time. There were no second tries or do overs. If you wanted something you had to work for it or earn it by showing you were responsible and working hard. If you borrowed something, no matter how big or small, you were extra careful and returned it in better shape than when you got it.

In Sunday school we’ve been studying about the last days and man’s fall. We’ve discussed kids and parents today and how times have changed. Of course no one listens to us or even asks for our opinions. I attend my dad’s class, which is the Seniors class. My dad has me tell stories about my years as a teacher. A couple Sundays ago we talked about a recent murder in Oklahoma. A group of teenage boys shot and killed a guy while he was jogging. When asked why they did it, these boys said they were bored. On the way home I told my dad that one of the reasons kids today react that way is because they play in this fantasy world of video games where being bad is good and you are rewarded for criminal activity. Last Sunday he had me tell about a video game I despise, Grand Theft Auto. If you don’t know anything about it the gamer (person playing) takes on the role of a thief, drug dealer, or some other anti-hero. Their rewards are money, fancy cars, and prostitutes. The gamer gets extra points for running down little old ladies, killing cops, and raping women. Then this morning dad drove me to work and we were listening to talk radio and they were talking about this very game. God is so amazing. This station is pretty neutral, unlike most talk radio stations. They were talking to people who regularly play this game and ones like it. One lady said she liked it because if you have a bad day at work you can come home, blow stuff up and shoot people, and it makes you feel better. Wow when did blowing stuff up and shooting people become a good way to decompress. What happened to drinking a glass of wine, taking a long hot bubble bath, or going for a walk.

How did we get here? How much worse will it get before God says enough is enough? You can forget about the government because their nothing but a bunch of two year old’s. If the Democrats said you have to have air to live, the Republicans would say that’s unconstitutional. If the Republicans said you have to have water to bathe, the Democrats would say they were being discriminated against. I would say they should all be ran out of town but I’m afraid of what idiots would replace them.

I’m sorry this post is supposed to be about people being desensitized. People today make decisions without thinking about how it will affect those around them. They have no thought as to the consequences. When I taught in the classroom I had a banner at the front of the room that said “let the decisions you make today be consequences you are willing to face tomorrow.” In these video games, movies, TV shows, any type of media are consumed with violence. The good guy hardly ever wins any more. An honest business man has become an oxymoron. Working hard and having something to show for it is a distant memory. If you sit and ponder about it, you might ask yourself “why even dream?” Dreams only lead to heartbreak and disappointment. I’ve been struggling with this thought for sometime. It leaves the question, is there any hope? If not, how do you hold on? I know if your a Christian you find hope in God. Well God’s Word says it’s going to get a lot worse and it won’t get better until you are with Him in Heaven. I’m 37 years old and unless God comes back tomorrow, which He could, or something tragic happens, which it could, Heaven is a long ways away.

People don’t want the government to take their guns away. But when a lunatic kills a bunch of innocent people, they want the government to do something about it. But that lady on the radio said blowing stuff up and shooting people makes her feel better, Oh, but that’s just in fantasy land right? People don’t really think that way in real life. I mean nobody would actually blow stuff up and shoot people just to feel better in real life, would they?

So what do you think? Have we become desensitized? Is it harmless to act out our aggression in a virtual world where we take on the violent role of a criminal?

Until another day



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