Do Your Homework Before You Open Your Mouth

I’m sure everyone is guilty of making negative comments based on a persons actions or looks. I recently got hooked on Duck Dynasty. At the end of each episode the entire family sits down to eat dinner together, They pray over their meal and every episode is filled with crazy clean fun and Christian values. The grandparents are always bring up abstinence to their grandchildren. This is not your typical reality show. There’s no violence, cussing, or over the top drama. I have wondered, are these people really as they seem or is it all for the camera. A friend posted on facebook a link to an interview with Jase Robertson one of the cast members. He is truly a Christian, you cannot script the words or body language that was evident. I went on to search for other videos on the Robertson family. They truly are a strong Christian family. They look like homeless people or militia. But you can’t fake the Holy Spirit coming through the screen.

The other day I was watching an episode where Phil and Kate were house shopping. Now Phil and Kate are simple down to earth people. The realtor was taking them to mansions. I know they are multimillionaires, but this guy obviously knew NOTHING about this family let alone his clients. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Another example of the highly overpaid idiots out there is the oil company we have been battling for almost a year. They send out letters scheduling meetings with the land owner and then have know idea what the meeting is to entail. The land owner takes off from work to meet with you. He or she is not getting paid for their time, unlike the oil rep. And the oil rep doesn’t know why the meeting is occurring or what is to be discussed? If I did business that way I would go broke. These people actually showed up to court with an expired permit as evidence in a case. Would you want these people representing you? DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

Last example, I was recently in need of medical supplies. My respiratory therapist gave me a phone number and said all I had to do was give my name and they would send me what I needed. I told her I had done that before and my information was either not in the computer or was incorrect. She said everything is in my file on the computer, I said okay, but was thinking I’ll believe it when I see it. So I called today. They had my file and a one of my supplies listed, but not all. Of course the part I’m in the greatest need of was not listed. I was transferred to someone else and when I told the guy I’d been through this before, he got mad. Not at me, but them. So he called and got everything straightened out. If someone had done their homework to start with, I could have gotten the supplies I needed a long time ago; DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

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