Long Time No Blog

Well, it’s been awhile since my last post. Where do I begin?

First of all, my Oklahoma State Cowboys only lost one game last year, won the Big 12 Championship, beat Oklahoma, and won the Fiesta Bowl. It was an amazing season.

Second, I had some health problems coupled with some depression, anger, and discouragement.

Third, I have moved back to the ranch. I have not officially moved back into my trailor, yet. But it will be any day now.

Cattle update: We now have 41 Cows, 39 Calves, and 2 Bulls.

Now that I have touched on the highlights of the last year, here’s what is happening now.

This week mom and I got the library ready for school to start. I still have four boxes of books to put in the computer, set all the books upright, update and add library patron cards, put up my Accelerated Reader and Library bulletin boards, move some books around and possibly weed some more, a few other loose ends. But the library is ready for our Professional Development meetings Monday (Aug. 13th) and Tuesday (Aug. 14th). The rest can be done next week after our meetings are over. I won’t start classes until a week from Monday (Aug. 20th), so I’m in good shape for now.

Another bit of good news, I got my OSU season tickets yesterday. Football season is upon us folks.



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