Cattle Update

We have a baby. My mom sent me a text informing me one of my cows had calved. Keep in mind when we got them they were marked between 2 and 7 months bred. Wrong! We have also lost two cows. One was gassed up pretty bad when she got off the truck and was bleeding. At first we thought who ever preg checked her roughed her up and she was trying to abort. A few days went by and she seemed to be doing okay. Dad went down to water a week after the cows arrived and found her. The second one acted a little crazy, often running around with her tail in the air, but she seemed healthy. Then one day dad went out to feed and water and found her. I’m beginning to think that who ever preg checked these cows didn’t know what they were doing or was in too big of a hurry to care.

Getting back to the baby, I am ashamed to admit that it is over a week old and I have yet to see it. Living an hour away limits me to weekends at the ranch and when dad’s on the road it makes it hard to do business face-to-face. Sure I could have gotten on the gator when I stopped by after church Sunday and gone out myself, but I didn’t. I hope to have a picture to post next time.

On another note, My mom called me and said that she was helping dad move the cows and one didn’t come in. Did I mention cows, especially ones with a little ear, have tendency to have mind of their own, going where they want, when they want? Anyway, dad was “gently coaxing” the lone cow into the pen with the others and proceeds to wave his arms up and down and above his head. Mom who was sitting near the gate called and me at work and asked what this meant. She was confused. Did he want her to open the gate? or throw the gate up in the air? I think they worked it out. I didn’t ask, and she didn’t tell.

On another occasion, Dad called and left a message informing me of how much orange panels cost. He said I owed him one and he would add it to my bill. Apparently one of the cows was feeling under the weather and Dad gave her shot. She thanked him by picking up one of the orange panels on her way out of the corral. I think it was in her way and she was simply moving it. You know how it is when you don’t feel good. Dad should not have put there. I’ll see how that argument holds up when I receive the bill. By the way Dad keeps raising the price of the panel so, I will be looking it up to find out the actual price.

I’ll keep you posted and I promise pictures next time.

Until another day,



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