Catching Up

Well, life has been busy this week. In the last week I’ve gone to two college football games, a launch party, and a centennial celebration. Last Saturday was my alma mater’s, Oklahoma State, season opener against Lousiana. We won 61-34, what great way to start the season. Sunday my church celebrated the launch of our television show. We had an awesome dinner, watched the first episode, had prayer, and ended with cake and ice cream. God is opening doors that we had never imagined. Monday was labor day so there was no school and I took advantage of being lazy for the day. Thursday OSU played Arizona and we had another victorious game, 37 – 14. Today the school I teach at celebrated it’s centennial. We had one alumnus come all the way from California, now that is ranger pride.

The town of Keystone was founded in the early 1900’s. The kids would have to travel across the river by ferry to go to school. It cost a nickel each way per child. This got expensive for some families so, in 1911, Keystone School opened. The school started out in the back of a saloon which burned down. The school then moved to a Methodist church. I can’t remember when but eventually a two story building was built and the school remained in that location until around 1958. In 1958 the construction of Keystone Dam began and the school was moved to it’s current location. The building was round, which made it unique and special. After the construction of the dam was completed the town was flooded. The school was the only thing that was relocated. Everyone in the town relocated, several stayed in the area, while others moved away. The school lost their high school around that time as well. We still have and use the round building today. There have been many additions since the new school was built. The bus barn is now the cafeteria. The building I work in was built in the 70’s, and the middle school was added in the 80’s I believe. A new gymnasium and the Early Childhood building have also been added. It was neat to see all the people who turned out today and even got see some of my former students. I loved to hear and read about the history of the school. I hope I got all the information correct.

Until another day,



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