Vacation 2011 – Day 15

Did not do any sightseeing, just drove, drove, drove. We left Eagle, Colorado around 8:00 AM Mountain Time. I took some pictures of the ski slopes at Copper Mountain, near Vail, Colorado. I tried to get Loveland Pass where my best friend and her family go skiing but there was too much glare. I spaced and missed taking a picture of the Eisenhower Tunnel. There were two tunnels at least a mile long, one was built-in 1973, the other in 1979. We saw a steam engine train in Georgetown, Colorado and a lot of old mines in the area. I put this on my list of must come back and see.

We fueled up and ate lunch east of Denver. Gas was $3.43 per gallon. The cafe was a truck stop Biscuit Cafe and Daddy was thrilled he got to eat truck stop food. It was definitely greasy, I’ll give him that. We were back on the road again about 11:30 AM Mountain Time. Daddy had me take a picture of in the mirror looking back at the last of the mountains. He also had me take a picture of eastern Colorado, it is flat just like Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. After seeing all the remarkable places on this trip, the flat plains were home, but a little boring. I also took a picture of the state line. We are now back on Central Time.

We got a milkshake and fuel in Hays, Kansas around 5:00 PM Central TIme. Gas was $3.42 per gallon. I actually got a Dr. Pepper, I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper since we left and I was going through withdraws. I should have gotten out and stretched my legs but I didn’t. A couple of hours later I made Daddy stop at a rest area near McPherson, Kansas so I could walk around a bit. The bathroom had one of those high-powered hand dryers and yes I played with it. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I am amused by small things. Somewhere along the way, I can’t remember where, I took a picture of a little church in the middle of nowhere.

We grabbed dinner south of Wichita, Kansas and a McDonald’s at the midway. We also got fuel for the home stretch. Gas was $3.29 per gallon, cheaper than it was in Oklahoma. We got to Grandma’s a little before 11:00 PM and my parents about 30 or 40 minutes later. It was a long hard drive and it felt good to sleep in a familiar bed. Maybe not as good as my own bed, but close enough for now.

And the grand total is…7,060 – 7,080 miles traveled, 733 pictures taken not counting what Mom and Daddy took, 9 hotels, 11 states including Oklahoma, variety of landscapes and scenery, 3 time zones, approximately 500 gallons of fuel, temperatures range of 49 – over 100 degrees, numerous eateries, and so many relatives I lost count.

Until another day,



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