Vacation 2011 – Day 14

We left the hotel around 8:30 AM Mountain Time. The complimentary breakfast was nothing to sneeze at, I ate my cheesecake from last night, nutritious I know. Daddy went and fueled up while we finished getting ready. It was $3.45 per gallon. The air was brown and Salt Lake City looked dirty. We could find NO information on the lake so we found a parking lot to pull into and took a few pictures there. I was rather disappointed, wished I had left this place off my list to see. I still feel bad we went out of our way to see the lake and was let down. I was glad we had to hurry down the road because I started coughing. The lake smelled and the beach was dirty, too.

I took pictures of mines, hills, valleys, cliffs, and rocks. I also took a nap after lunch. We stopped in Price, Utah at an Arby’s for lunch. I wasn’t feeling well, but after lunch and a nap I felt better. When I woke up we were getting ready to pull into the Arches National Park. It was pretty cool. The rocks were dark red and some looked paper-thin, while others looked like they were going to fall any second. I took a picture of what looked like this big fat pillar of a rock, but when we pulled forward it was actually three pillars of rock. I found out later it was called the Three Wise Men. It was hot, too. Back home they have had 110+ temperatures and several fires. I guess we’re getting close to home, no more cool mountain or ocean breezes.

After leaving the Arches we drove through Red Cliff Canyon. The sides of the cliff jutted out into the road. It looked like we were going to hit the side of the cliff a few times. The cliffs were beautiful with a variety of colors distinguishing each layer. Eventually, my camera died and I had to take pictures with Daddy’s camera and mom took a few as well.

We made it as far as Eagle, Colorado, which is west of Denver. Mom, Grandma, and I went into a grocery store down the street and bought some stuff out of the deli to eat for dinner. We arrived around 8:30 PM Mountain Time. We had traveled over 6,000 miles, had more than 800 miles to go, and Daddy’s was going to drive what was left all the next day.

There are so many pictures I would like to share with you that I took on this day but there’s just too many. I tried to pick the absolute best or pictures that best fit my descriptions. Just another of many of the places I visited on this trip that you will just have to see in person.

Until another day,



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