Vacation 2011 – Day 13

On August 9, 2011, we headed home. We said good-bye with tears in our eyes and cracked voices. We pulled out of my Great Aunt and Uncle’s drive around 8:00 AM Mountain. Daddy asked me to bless our trip before we pulled out and it was hard to pray with out crying. We had such an awesome visit, it was really hard to leave.

I took some pictures of the mountains and valleys, the last I will be seeing for a while. I took a couple more of the south side of Flathead Lake at Polson where we fueled up for $3.61 per gallon. There were a lot of big fancy boats in the docks at Polson, it must have been with the higher crust vacations and goes to play. One of the mountain ranges I took a picture of was the Mission Mountains near Ronan, Grandma said Grandpa liked to go there when they stayed in Montana. A few months after my grandparents got married my great-grandpa (my grandma’s dad) got real sick, he had cancer. My grandparents came to Montana to help my great-grandma with the farm. My grandparents married in April 1947 and my great-grandpa died that September.

Another picture I took was of an animal overpass. They have really high fences in Montana to keep the wildlife off the roads. Every so far they put in an animal overpass or underpass so the animals can cross to the other side of the road safely. I also took mountain pictures at Deer Lodge and Galen, Montana. Deer Lodge and Galen are close to the Idaho line. Aunt E made some salmon sandwiches, like tuna fish but way better. I could have foundered on her salmon, delicious. We stopped at a picnic area along I-5, south of Anaconda, Montana. The picnic tables were covered which was good because it started raining. The rain was cold. I was sitting with my back to the outside and the rain kept hitting the little bit of skin showing.

After crossing the Idaho state line I fell asleep. When I woke up we were in Pocatello, Idaho. We fueled up there for $3.67 per gallon. There were a couple big fancy bank building there, too. I took a few pictures of Idaho, the Utah state line, and the first of the Utah mountains. We tried to see the Great Salt Lake before dark but we could find any place to stop. We stayed in Ogden, Utah. We arrived about 7:30 PM Mountain time. Next to the hotel was a restaurant called C.J.’s, it had good food at an affordable price. We had a choice of soup or salad, and the salad was bigger than what most places give you. Then with the entrée you got a big portion of mixed vegetables, choice of potato, and a roll. Finally, to top it all of cheesecake with a choice of strawberry or blueberry topping. All the portions were huge. All that food for $5.99. You don’t see many places like that anymore.

Until another day,



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