Vacation 2011 – Day 11

On August 7th, day 11 of our trip, my Great Aunt and Uncle celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary. Their actual anniversary won’t be until Novemeber 20th, but because we were there they moved the celebration up a few months. Several relatives came to share in the celebration. One of my Grandma’s brothers had five children and four came by to see her and my great aunt and uncle over the weekend. All four of my Great Aunt and Uncle’s children were there and most of their grandchildren and great grandchildren. We met several of my Great Aunt and Uncle’s friends, Grandma knew a lot of them, as well.

The cake was delicious. I usually don’t eat icing, but this was melt in your mouth, not too sweet, wonderful. Uncle M.gave Aunt E a dozen roses, a tradition that started with their 50th wedding anniversary. After a come and go reception we had a potluck dinner that included family and close friends. Daddy blessed the food, the honored couple, and all those in attendance. We toasted the couple with wine made from plums from Uncle M’s orchard. There is a man who buys all the plums from Uncle M and then makes wine at a local winery. Well, I assume it is local, it is in Polebridge, Montana. It is called Merabelle Plum Wine. The food was abundant and all delicious.

One of my Great Aunt and Uncle’s friends and neighbors played music and sang, while my Aunt E and Uncle M danced. They danced two or three songs together but actually danced more with their children, grandchildren, and other family and friends. It was a full day of excitement. After the party, when everything had been cleaned up and put away; the guests had gone home; and we had cought our breath; Aunt E and Uncle M opened their gifts. They got some really nice gifts, an engraved photo album with a compartment for cards, a musical snow globe with their picture in the center, a bread plate, and his and her embroidered pillowcases. Tomorrow their son is going to show us around Kalispell and take us to Glacier Park.

Until another day



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