Vacation 2011 – Day 10

I had another nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, hot raspberry tea, strawberry banana yogurt, and an english muffin with cream cheese. We left Walla Walla, Washington at 8:00 AM Pacific Time. There are a lot of wheat fields growing on the steep hillsides. I took a picture of a farmer combining along the hill. We fueled up across the state line in Lewiston, Idaho for $3.69 per gallon. We stopped in Saint Maries and grabbed a sandwich at Subway, drove north of town, and ate them at an overlook of the lake. As we drove on we this huge nest on top of a utility pole, we think it was an eagle’s nest.

We fueled up again in St. Regis, Montana, just off of I-90, for $3.84 per gallon. Since, we didn’t see many opportunities to shop for souvenirs, mom and I went in a shop and bought postcard and other souvenirs. I took pictures of the valley coming into Hot Springs, Montana and Flathead Lake. South of Kalispell I saw a big white cross on the hill and took a few pictures of it. We arrived back at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s around 6:30 PM Mountain Time. One of Daddy’s cousins, one Grandma’s brother’s son, and his wife came to visit. We also visited with my Great Aunt and Uncle’s daughter, who had come in from out-of-state. She lives in Nevada, I believe. We didn’t get to bed until midnight. tomorrow is the big anniversary party and visiting with a lot more relatives.

We have now traveled 5,065 miles and I have taken 460 pictures.

Until another day,



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