Vacation 2011 – Day 8

We left Arcata, California around 8:00 AM Pacific Time. We fueled up a few miles down the road. We only got a few gallons, though. It was $4.09 per gallon, most we’ve paid yet. I took pictures of the Trinity River, fog on the mountains, and a steep pass. The fog was so thick we could hardly see, then when we got to the top the fog was simply gone. It was like someone pulled a thick curtain back and the sun began to shine nice and bright. We kept seeing these signs that said viewpoint, and I kept thinking “I bet that’s a beautiful view.” We actually drove over two passes and I was able to get pictures looking back from part way up the second pass.

We drove through Weaverville, California, a neat little tourist town. I took a picture of these pretty little purple flowers. We fueled up in the town of Shasta Lake and ate a McDonald’s, gas was $3.85 per gallon. I took some pictures of Shasta Lake, the water was a beautiful greenish blue. Then we went to a state park, took a little hike, and took pictures of Mount Shasta, Gray Rock, and Castle Crags. Mt. Shasta is 14,179 feet and last erupted in 1786.

We arrived in Kalmouth Falls, Oregon around 5:30 PM Pacific Time. We probably could have made it to Crater Lake, but it felt nice to turn in early and relax a bit. We stayed in a very nice hotel. The room was very spacious. It had a vanity with a stool, table and chairs, fridge, microwave, two sinks, a desk, a hidden ironing board, an entertainment center / dresser, a closet with mirrors, cabinets,  and a PHONE IN THE BATHROOM! I’ve never seen a phone in the bathroom. I know I’m amused by small things, either that or I am way to country. They also had a restaurant in the hotel and it was pretty reasonable.

And that dear readers was day eight. Here’s a statistical update, we have traveled a total of 4,138 miles, crossed 8 states, and I have taken 352 pictures.

Until another day,



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