Vacation 2011 – Day 7

We started the day around 8:30 AM Pacific Time. We drove back across the river to Horsfall Beach. There were a lot of sand dunes. We watched the waves crash against the shore. I took several pictures and then we went on to the next stop. There was a long and high bridge that went across the river, I took a picture of it, as well. Coos Bay had a large sawmill where they loaded sawdust on to barges. We ate at the Pancake Mill, it was pretty good. Then we poceeded south.

Our next stop was Brandon by the Sea. It was beautiful, we wished we had stayed here instead. There was a strip of little shops and restaurants. too bad we were stuffed from breakfast, we could have had some really good seafood. It is on our list to spend the day in next time. We did take some pictures of the ocean and beach. We saw another lighthouse. This beach was different from Reesport and Horsfall, there were a lot of sharp rocks, sea stacks, and driftwood. Mom went down to the beach and collected rocks. She found what looked like a sharks tooth, half of an angel’s wing, and some colorful ones, too. The waves were bigger here and crashed against the sharp rocks with great force.

Port Orford was too gorgeous to pass up, but very windy. The sea stacks were amid the bluest water I’d ever seen. The waves were calmer than they were at Brandon. There was luscious green grass in some places as well. Took pictures there and down the road at Gold Beach, Cape Sebastian, and Whaleshead. We stopped at one and Daddy got me as close to the water as he could and Mom walked out to the water with me so I could get my feet wet. Well, we went out a little too far and I got more than just my feet wet. The water was cold but not as cold as I expected. I had to change my clothes, I had sand everywhere.

When we crossed into California we had to go through and inspection station. They asked if we had any fruit. We said no. They let us go. It was the strangest thing. Once in California, we went to the Redwood Forest. We still got to see glimpses f the coast. The redwoods were massive, you had to practically bend over backwards to see the tops. We stopped at a place called Prairie Creek and walked through the woods a little way. There was a lot of fog and moss on the tree all through the forest. There were also some elk with massive antlers grazing in the meadow. We also stopped at the famous drive-thru tree. I was expecting something more massive. Daddy was afraid to drive the truck thru, so we stood in it and took our picture. I was going to get a picture of the inside but it was covered with graffiti. Some people can be so disrespectful, why would you deface a tree, I mean come on. Thinking about it now makes me so angry and sick to my stomach. There was also a very unique bathroom there, it was made out of a hollow tree. I didn’t go in but I got a picture of it anyway. There were a lot of ferns throughout the forest as well. We did not make it to the Avenue of the Giants, but what we did see was impressive.

We stayed in Arcata, California that night and ate at a mexican restaurant next door to the hotel called Fiesta Grill – N – Cantina. It sad we come all the way to the coast, eat mexican twice, and no seafood, that’s like going to Texas and eating sushi instead of steak. But we only saw seafood places in Brandon and we were too stuffed from breakfast to eat.

Until another day,



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