Vacation 2011 – Day 2

It is July 29, 2011, day 2 of our adventure. Today I sat in the front seat and help navigate. We are now on mountain time. We left Ogallala, Nebraska at 7:30 AM Mountain / 8:30 AM Central Time. The hotel had a complementary breakfast and I had a waffle and orange herbal tea. Thirty minutes down the road we fueled up for $3.61 per gallon.

I took some pictures of the North Platte River which was very full. We stopped at a historical marker that told the story of a missionary woman, and her party of eleven, who were massacred by the Cayuse Indians in 1847. Her name was Narcissa Whitman. Her and Eliza Spalding were the first white women to travel across America. The two women, their husbands Dr. Marcus Whitman and Rev. Henry Spalding and a man named William Gray, traveled from New York Otoe Indian Agency where they joined up with the American Fur Company group led by Thomas Fitzpatrick. At the Green River they continued west with the Hudson’s Bay Company. The massacre took place at their Walla Walla mission in November 1847. They passed the point at which this marker sits, in June 1836. I also took some pictures of what is called the “Ancient Bluff Ruins.” All these pictures were taken west of Oshkosh, Nebraska.

Because some gas stations will only let you buy $75 worth of fuel at a time, we fueled up again in Alliance, Nebraska for $3.69 per gallon. Our stop in Alliance was around 9:30 AM Mountain / 10:30 AM Central Time. Daddy purchased some Alliance Pinto Beans for the neighbors back home.

Our first sightseeing stop was Carhenge, north of Alliance about 3 1/2 miles. It was what I expected a bunch of cars piled up to look like the ancient Stonehenge. One more thing to check off my bucket list. Up the road was a rest area.

  We tease daddy about never stopping to eat or go to the bathroom so I took this picture as a joke. I plan on telling everyone this is the rest area he took us to on the trip.

We did stop at a picnic area near Crawford, Nebraska to have lunch. When we drove through Fort Robinson, Nebraska I wish we could have stopped and took pictures. There were a lot of old building that had been restored and looked a little like you had gone back in time. But our time was running short and we had to get on down the road. I fell asleep shortly after that and when I woke up we were in Wyoming. We stretched our legs at a rest area close to Kaycee, Wyoming at around 3:30 PM Mountain / 4:30 PM Central Time.

We fueled up again in Broadus for $3.74 per gallon. We also made an unplanned visit to the Little Bighorn Battlefield. It was so interesting. They had placed white stone markers up and down the hills where each of the soldiers had fallen during Custer’s Last Stand. Seeing those markers scattered about made the battle so real and helped me to visualize all that happened. There was this respectful silence all along the road that led through the battlefield. The marker that represented where General Custer fell was a little different from the rest.

We arrived in Billings, Montana around 8:30 PM Mountain / 9:30 PM Central Time. After checking into our motel we went and ate at the Cracker Barrel. We traveled 655 miles on day two for a total of 1267 miles and I took 53 pictures.





Until another day,



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