Vacation 2011 – Day 1

My family and I left around 8:00 AM, on Thursday, July 28, 2011, and headed toward Montana. My Grandma Hayes (my dad’s mom) grew-up in Montana and still has family there. We stopped at the cemetary and put flowers on my Grandpa Luke’s (my mom’s dad) grave. My dad pulled weeds and cleaned the around the headstone the best he could, and mom and I tied a bundle of yellow roses to a white cross we had stuck in the ground on Memorial Day.

Next we stopped in Kansas to see my cousin. She will be having a baby shower while we are gone, so we dropped our gifts off and visited for a few minutes. Around noon we stopped at a McDonald’s along the Kansas Turnpike, south of Wichita, Kansas. The hand dryers in the bathroom were very high-powered, it literally made the skin on my hands flap. Have you ever seen a video of a skydiver? You know how the skin on their face stretches and flaps around? Well, that’s what these dryers did to the skin on my hands, it was so cool. Okay, I might as well confess, I find amusement in strange things. We fueled up in Salina, Kansas for $3.56 per gallon, and stretched our legs at a rest stop near Sheridan, Kansas.

I have seen wind power windmills from a distance, but never up close. Today, I got to see them up close, but I was sitting on the wrong side of the truck and couldn’t get a picture. We reached North Platte, Nebraska around 7:00 PM and stopped for dinner at a KFC. They had a buffet, which was cool because KFC doesn’t have that where we live. It cost $40 for five people, not bad now days. We drove on to Ogallala, Nebraska and stayed the night there.

We traveled 621 miles and I took two pictures. Nothing exciting happened on day one, but there it readers.

Until another day,



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