Hello World!

This blog is my latest adventure. I am not very tech saavy, so bare with me as my skills, hopefully, improve. I grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma. I love country life and never thought I would ever leave. But as they say, never say never. Six years ago I was looking for a teaching position and found one…..an hour away. Like now, gas prices were rising and it just wasn’t feasible to comute. So, I moved. At first it was nice living in town. A trip to the store and back home could be done in less than hour, versus a three hour round trip when you live in the middle of nowhere. But within two months I would have traded anything for the sounds of coyotes and the endless number of stars in the pitch black sky. So, here I am six years later, still living in town, and going home to my family’s ranch practically every weekend and every school break.

The purpose of this blog is to share my life as a teacher, my love for life in the country, and my faith in God. I hope you enjoy my blog. There’s not much to it right now, but I hope it grows in the coming months. I would love to hear your stories and comments, so please feel free to post them.

Until another day,



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