A Good Book

A Good Book

by A C Hayes

There is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a soft fuzzy blanket and a good book.

It keeps you warm in the winter

It is like a cool breeze on a hot sultry summer day

It is full of the bright, vibrant colors of autumn

It is full of new life in the spring

It will never leave you or disappoint you

Like life it may not turn out like you want it to

But unlike life you can always relive the good parts and skip the bad ones

It will break your heart, and then mend it

It will make you cry, laugh, and fall in love

It brings you joy and happiness, comfort and hope

You can be anyone you want to be

An astronaut, a scientist, a detective, a princess, a hero, even a villain

You can go to places you’ve never been and do things unimaginable

Climb Mount Everest, ride a camel in the desert, or a explore a dragon’s lair

You can travel through time

Be a pirate sailing across the ocean or a pioneer traveling to the Wild West

You can solve a mystery, go on a dangerous adventure, survive the harsh wilderness, or marry the man of your dreams all in one day

Your dreams always come true and there is no limit to the imagination

You can ride a horse at full speed across the wide open prairie

Watch the sunset while the waves crash upon the shore

Feel the warm mud between your toes along the riverbank

Look down at the patchwork quilt of land as you fly high above in the sky

No, nothing compares, or is more therapeutic, than a good book


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